Friday, February 12, 2010

Durian Feast!

We were back for a visit to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur to be exact in January for 3 weeks for our annual visit.This time we had our fill of the best durians money can buy.Although this time of the year is not the peak season, the quality of the durians were very good. Mostly a variety called " Musang".We also had "Cokok" and some very good D24s.They were bought from a stall in SS2 and this vendor really came through with very good stuff. In the old days I like my durians in their shells but this time I had them "tapaued" in takeaway boxes, so much more convenient.
Last year at the same time we did not see a single durian in our first 2 weeks back and only enjoyed some in the third week.This year we really made up for it.
The last three months have been very busy for me. Starting in December when we had the pre Christmas/end of year social functions with our circle of (mostly Malaysian/Singaporean) friends.It was one dinner/lunch after another every weekend culminating in our Christmas Eve dinner when we had 30+ people over. I cooked a whole bunch of food including chicken rice with white chicken, teowchew braised duck with pork, pig stomach eggs, etc, mamak fish curry, lamb curry, roast turkey with mashed potatoes. My wife made chicken pot pie and quiche.It was a feast enjoyed by everyone.
During this period leading up to Christmas, I was also very busy with my little printing business, running all over to fulfill orders especially during the last week before business when I had to shop for food for the party and buying Christmas presents. I was very glad when Christmas eve arrived. We also celebrated my daughter's birthday which falls on Christmas day. So we had a cake for her on Christmas Eve and celebrated when 12.00 arrived.Our guests also enjoyed a karaoke session in the basement.
On Christmas day we chilled out, had a nice birthday lunch with our daughter.In the evening we went over to our son's house where he and his girlfriend cooked a delicious roast lamb dinner. We opened our presents after dinner. Our children bought a netbook computer for us which is very useful when traveling. On boxing day we started packing for our trip and left for Shanghai on the night of December 27.
We stayed for 4 nights in Shanghai( actually 3 in Shanghai and one in Wuxi).We usually make a stopover in China on the way back to Malaysia every year.It is a very convenient way for us to visit China. This time our daughter came with us and we really spent some quality time with her during our 3 1/2 weeks vacation. Although she still lives with us we hardly see her as she works long hours at her job and spends a lot of time with her boyfriend

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