Monday, August 16, 2010

Enjoying Summer

We are really enjoying the great summer weather these past few months.A little warmer and more humid that normal perhaps but what the heck we are Malaysians and this is nothing compared to the atrociously hut and humid weather in Malaysia and besides it is better than a foot of snow in January.We have been playing golf these past few months.My game has improved and therefore enjoying the game even more. In past years at this time of the season I will be lamenting how fast the summer has progressed and soon it will be over and winter will arrive etc, etc.However these past few years we have been going back to KL at he end of December for 3-4 weeks and therefore I am actually looking forward to the passage of the season.
Last Saturday we had 11 friends over for dinner. I made Yong Tow Foo and this really was enjoyed by everyone.None of my Malaysian/Singaporean friends make this dish well and therefore when I do make it my friends really have a good meal.On top of this I also made beef brisket/tendon curry with wonton noodles and this was also enjoyed by all.