Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Blues

This is the least favorite time of year for me.The weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. The leaves are turning brown and all over falling and we have not even experienced the first frost yet. However we have been very fortunate these few past Saturdays when we have enjoyed really good weather for our weekly round of golf. We enjoyed the sun these past Saturdays.Although it was like 12-15c, the sun really made a big difference and with no stiff breeze I went out with just my golf shirt.
We are in the midst of the baseball playoffs.October baseball is really exciting. The Blue Jays did not make it to the post season again but it was a year of over achievement for the team. We have a very talented group of 4 starting pitchers and they will continue to improvr to take us to the playoffs in the coming years.The field players have had an excellent year leading the major leagues in home runs.In fact one of our players led all of baseball in total home runs.I am to say the least, very excited about the team in the coming years.
The only saving grace for this time of year with winter approaching is that it is nearing the time when we make our annual trip back to KL.My golf game is in good shape and I look forward to having those games with my friends.