Monday, May 4, 2009

Gulai Tumis

Made Gulai Tumis or Nonya Assam Fish for dinner the other night. The picture above does not really do justice to the tasty halibut collars used for this dish. Halibut is eminently suitable for this dish because of its firm sweet white flesh. "Collars" is a less expensive cut compared to the usual steaks that this fish comes in. I like the fatty and oily parts that comes with the collars. As a comparison these collars are $3 per lb compared to the steaks which are about $7 per lb. The traditional fish used for this dish in Malaysia is white pomfret which I also like. I buy nearly all my fish from the frozen section of the Chinese supermarkets. They are usually of better quality than the so called "fresh" fish sold. These "fresh" fish is presented usually as steaks and it is difficult to tell whether the fish is fresh or not. I only buy "fresh" fish when they come whole when I can tell from the eyes (clear) and gills(dark red) whether they are fresh.

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