Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We are open for business

BBQ season is upon us. I started to use the grill last week for the beer can chicken.The grill that I have is a Weber, one of the best high end brands in the market.This baby cost $1100 2 years ago but I must say it is worth every cent. The lighter works every time and the 3 burners gives out excellent heat.The best thing I like about this grill is that it uses natural gas instead of propane.I will therefore never run out.This is especially frustating when grilling expensive steaks when we have people over for dinner and the flame goes out. During the summer I do a lot of outdoor cooking and the natural gas allows me to do a lot of non traditional BBQ meals like roast pork, Chinese roast pork and char siu too.
Another good thing about the Weber is that it is so easy to clean.Everything can be taken apart and cleaned. There is therefore no excuse for a dirty looking Weber as you can see from the picture.It is spring cleaning time!

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