Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick Dinner

Made Thai Red Curry chicken for dinner last night.It was an easy quick dinner because I used the red curry paste made previously. All I had to do was to take out the portion I needed from the freezer, fried the paste in a bit of oil until fragrant and then added in the chicken. Added a new twist to this dish by using evaporated milk instead of coconut milk.The taste was the same as far as I could tell.
Also made a steamed egg dish called " sam wong tan". I typically make this dish in a pinch when there is a need for another dish.The trick to his dish is to add the right amount of water to the egg mixture.I found that 100ml water per egg is the optimun amount.So in this instance, I added 400ml water for the 4 eggs.The other crucial step is to ensure that the water is at a slow boil
To round up the menu, stir fried baby bok choy.I love using whole garlic for this dish.
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