Monday, March 2, 2009

Hainan Chicken Rice

A family favourite, Hainan Chicken Rice.Typically make this dish at least twice a month especially if whole chicken is on special in the supermarket.This week it was a "buy get one free deal". So I made 2 chickens this time.The chicken was put in boiling hot salted water , covered. When the water came to a reboil the heat was turned to the very lowest setting and steeped for 45 minutes.( If there is only one chicken I will turn off the heat completely and steep for 30-35 minutes) It was then removed and put into icy cold water for 30 minutes. It was then hung up to cool and dry for 3-4 hours. I found that it is only by this method that the skin and meat is firm, comparable to the ones in restaurants and BBQ outlets
For the rice, first render some oil from chicken fat, flavour with garlic and lightly fry the rice grains.Then cook the rice in the normal manner but with salted chicken stock instead of water.
I like to serve this dish with chilli garlic sauce or ginger /green onion sauce, although I personally also like it with Coleman's mustard.
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Kay said...

dyson, can this chicken be cut and frozen for later use?

I've tried using the crockpot to cook a full chicken and to remove the meat from the bones to free for later. but crockpot cooked chicken meat tastes funny. I was looking for a new way to cook chicken (maybe bake it in the oven) and then found yours.


Dyson said...

Kay,I have not tried freezing this chicken dish but I do believe that chicken freezes well.
Thanks for dropping by.