Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Toronto

Today is the 175th birthday of the wonderful city of Toronto, my home for the past 19 years. It is safe, clean and I believe, a quality of life that has few peers. Torontonians do not know how lucky we are as we complain about everything - bad air, traffic gridlock, high crime rates, too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter etc. I suspect many have not been to other parts of the world to experience real traffic gridlock or hot weather.
As a birthday present the temperature soared to 18c this afternoon, so what is the big deal? Well it was -16c on Monday.Therefore today I really enjoyed being outdoors driving around with my sunroof open.
Also today I had a free Driver fitting session with the Ping representative in one of Golf Town outlets. For those of you not familiar with golf, club fitting is important in getting the maximum benefit from your clubs. Just as you need to get fitted for a suit, you need to get the right club for for swing. I ended up getting a sort of prescription for my Driver, 12 * loft, offset with "soft" regular shafts ( polite way of referring to "senior" shafts) and a thinner grip size to allow me to set the wrists better, which is the main thing I am working on in my golf swing.

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