Friday, June 19, 2009

US Open 2009

Time is really zipping by. Every year I use the Major golf tournaments as time markers.The first Major of the year, the Masters is played on the first week of April and signals the beginning of Spring. For this reason I really like the Masters as it marks the start of favourite time of year for me.
The US open is usually played the week of the summer solstice and Father's Day. As a very proud father of 2 wonderful children and a golf fan I really enjoy this weekend. On top of this there is baseball to enjoy.The Toronto Blue Jays are still playing well inspite of too many pitchers on the diabled list.Also we will be going to a party on Saturday night. This will be a really busy weekend. One sour note is that the weather forecast for Saturday is not so good and it looks like my weekly golf game will be a wash out.This is the same weather system that is affecting the eastern seaboard and has caused the US Open to have a rain delay.

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