Thursday, July 2, 2009

KL Hokkien Mee

Had friends over on Tuesday night, the eve of Canada Day.Made 3 types of noodles viz Hokkien Mee, Lobster Sang Meen and Wat Tan Hor. Also served BBQ sea bass with asparagus. It was quite a feast made more meaningful because my 2 kids were present, my son with his girlfriend and my daughter.It is really not easy to schedule everyone together as they are quite busy with their own lives. The occasion was also to celebrate my friends birthday, hence the Lobster noodles. Also to welcome our new friends, a delightful Italian couple on their first visit to our home.
The Hokkien mee was made for the first time with the thick noodles which made it very authentic. Previously my Hokkien mee was made with regular size yellow noodles which became thicker when braised but nowhere like the thick fat noodle found back in KL.The other day I was at the factory outlet of this noodle manufacturer and found out that they make a thicker version of their yellow noodles which they supply exclusively to restaurants. I bought a 5 lb bag ( the smallest size available). The dish turned out perfect , identical to that found in KL. My daughter and my wife will give me grieve for this boast , but please judge for yourselves from the picture!

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