Monday, April 20, 2009

Golf Opening Day

The golf season started for me this year when we had our first game on Saturday April 18. It was a beautiful morning with temperatures at around 15 c going up to maybe 18c by midday.We played very well for the 2nd nine and I did not make a double bogey for the entire nine.

I think this year could be a breakout year for me as I have sorted out a couple of swing issues in my mind over the the winter. Every Winter when we have a 5 month lay off, I typically use the time to reflect on my swing. Lessons will help a lot but they will not be 100% effective unless I include some self lessons. For example my teacher told me that I release or "cast" my club too early resulting in loss of power. This is where lessons are so important as I would not have noticed it myself. However he did not provide me with a means on how to solve this problem. This is a common trait among golf teachers that I have worked with. They are good at picking swing faults but not good at communicating solutions. For this problem I have devised a swing thought to maintain my wrist cock right until impact.

The other problem I have which is far too common for all golfers is not maintaining posture. Specifically moving the head up and down. The key discovery for me during the winter is that I am moving my head up without realising it. Therefore I am making a very conscious effort to keep my head still and has gotten very good results in Saturday's game.

I had a visitor from the UK last week and we had dinner together. This was his first visit to Toronto and one of his observations that our city is a concrete jungle with little greenery really took me by surprise. I really had no answer for him except to protest the fact. After he left I suddenly realised what he meant. Although we are nearly a month from into Spring, all the trees are still in Winter mode. That is the reason the city look so barren and devoid of any greenery except for those from the ever greens.If he had come in May the landscape would have been entirely different!

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