Monday, April 6, 2009

Home Opener

Today is the start of the regular season for the Toronto Blue Jays. This year the home opener and the season opener is on the same day. As a fan of the Jays this day is eagerly anticipated after 6 weeks of spring training for the team. This year the expectations for the team is realistically low as 2 of the starting pitchers had major surgeries last year and are on the disabled list. We are on what is referred as "reloading" year ( as opposed to the less marketing friendly term-" rebuilding"). However I am a real fan as opposed to a "fair weather" fan of the Jays and will be supporting the team through thick and thin.
The weather has not been co-operating with the temperature at 0 c this morning and with snow on the ground! The game will not be affected as it will be played indoors at the Rogers Center.
Last night I wanted to cook a rib roast using the BBQ but at the last moment decided against it as I decided not to jump the gun on the " season opener" for my Weber and wait till the weather warms up more. How right I was. Instead I roasted a 2 1/2 lb rib roast in my oven which has a convection feature.
What happened to golf ? I had actually booked a tee time for 8.15 last Saturday but had to cancel due to inclement weather, rain and high wind, not a good combo for golf. What a bummer

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Rootbeer Racinette said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog...and being both a lover of Malaysian food and the Blue Jays, I am very excited to read more! You should do a post on ballpark food!

Dyson said...

RR.The Jays are off to a good 5-2 start. However the season has 162 games but as fans we are always hopeful.I try to go down to the ballpark 2-3 times a year but I am not particularly fond of ballpark food and instead op to have a meal in Chinatown which is within walking distance.